FAQ about our designer chewable, sensory and educational resources.

Sensational solutions for Fashion, Stress Relief, Anxiety Reduction and Sensory Stimulation.

ninja_babies-star-icon FAQ are all here – all the answers you need!

ninja_babies-star-icon Silicone designs that are age and socially appropriate to fill your sensory tank!

ninja_babies-star-icon Unisex “educational aids” for extra stimulation in class!

ninja_babies-star-icon Resources to better enable people to self-regulate. Hence, they will be more likely to participate and concentrate while in class or at Uni, work, home and more!

ninja_babies-star-icon They can be worn discreetly under uniforms and/ or in pockets while not in use!

ninja_babies-star-icon Jewellery to help reduce stress, anxiety, built-up energy and fidgeting.

ninja_babies-star-icon A healthy alternative to chewing on T-shirt collars/sleeves, pens, pencils, hair or other unsafe objects. While also helping to reduce fingernail biting and thumb sucking.

ninja_babies-star-icon Referred to as fashion accessories, nursing necklaces, sensory resources, chew necklaces and also oral sensory resources. Proudly also referred to as Autism resources, special needs resources, sensory stimulator and calming tools.

FAQ sensory resources for boys and girls. Ninja Babies educational tools for students. Chewable ASD jewellery
Why does Ninja Babies love Source Kids?2018-07-17T19:05:15+10:00

Put simply, Source Kids magazine is ah-may-zing!

Source Kids is Australia’s first and only magazine for parents, carers and professionals of children with a disability (Birth – 24yrs). It has well and truly become the leading online and magazine resource since inception just three years ago.

There are almost 850,000 people in Australia under the age of 25 years with a disability. Source Kids now delivers important information to those caring for and working with these children and young individuals. This ‘source’ of information includes education, health and nutrition, travel, sport, safety, therapy, technology, grants and funding, products and services, what’s on calendar and also an up-to-date directory, plus so much more.

Ninja Babies has featured numerous times throughout the Source Kids “Products We Love” and “Fashion and Accessories” sections. We have also proudly worked collaboratively with Source Kids magazine holding competitions to win Ninja Babies products. #WinnersAreGrinners

Publication and Distribution:

Their glossy, national publication is printed quarterly i.e. one for each season.

It is distributed for free through therapy, medical and education centres and specialist locations throughout Australia.

At Ninja Babies, we have excitedly left many other businesses in our wake to become a distributor of the great Source Kids magazine. A limited number of copies area available from our Market Stalls that we usually have at Caloundra Street Fair, Queensland.

Business Directory:

We also feature in the Source Kids Business Directory of businesses they love and support!

source kids magazine loves ninja babies
What are some signs of Sensory Processing Issues?2018-07-17T19:05:43+10:00

There are many signs of Sensory Processing issues

Below are some common signs of Sensory Processing issues:

Extra-sensitive to touch – they don’t like to be touched or can’t be touched enough

Sensitivity to sounds – they may cover their ears when the same noises don’t bother others

Picky eaters – they will only eat one or two familiar foods.

Avoidance of sensory stimulation – they won’t put their hands in anything messy such as glue, clay or mud. They only wear certain clothes.

Uneasiness with movement – they fear amusement parks rides, playground equipment or being turned upside down

Hyperactivity – they can’t be still during the day or get to sleep at night

Fear of crowds – crowded areas bother them to the point of frequent public meltdowns

Poor fine or gross motor skills – they have trouble with handwriting or kicking a ball.

Excessive risk-taking – they may be unaware of touch or pain which can unfortunately come across to others as aggressive behavior.

Trouble with balance – they may be accident prone or fall more often than others and have a preference for activities where they are sitting or engaging in little movement.

Try some of our Ninja Babies designer sensory resources and chewable jewellery to help with your or your ninjas sensory processing issues.

Shop Now for some sense-ational tools to fill your sensory tank!

Why do we chew?2018-07-17T19:06:11+10:00

why do we chew? sensory stimulation, chewable jewellery, Ninja Babies.

Why do we chew? Well, for a variety of reasons…

ninja_babies-star-icon One explanation for the question “why do we chew?” is “stims” or “stimming” which is short for self-stimulatory behaviours . These are behaviours most people exhibit. We might twirl our hair, jiggle your leg or tap a pencil while working on a difficult problem or task – that’s stimming. Chewing or mouthing objects are also examples of stimming. The difference between acceptable stims and those we consider inappropriate is in the type and intense repetition of the stims.

ninja_babies-star-icon Commonly, people living with and without autism spectrum disorder (ASD) engage in chewing or stimming for a variety of reasons.

ninja_babies-star-icon One explanation is quite simply that it feels good. Chewing releases opiate-like substances in the brain called beta-endorphins, which can produce either a euphoric or anaesthetic effect.

ninja_babies-star-iconOthers believe that stimming could be due to the mechanism that it provides. It provides an extra dose of internal stimulation for people with ASD who feel under-stimulated or a feeling of tranquility for those who feel overstimulated or alleviate the high levels of internal anxiety.

ninja_babies-star-icon Stimming isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as long as it doesn’t hurt you or your child while doing it.

why do we chew? squeezy stress reduction, Ninja Babies designer chewable jewellery and sensory resources. Chew necklaces for boys, chew pendants for girls and boys.

Are there different levels of chewing?2018-07-17T19:06:45+10:00


Children and adults with and without sensory issues often feel compelled to chew. Generally, the levels of chewing are described as light, moderate or aggressive.

Light chewers or oral sensory seekers leave some tooth marks on those types of objects when chewing or put objects in their mouths without necessarily biting down on them. Therefore, we recommend these:


Aggressive chewers often chew and destroy pens, pencils, erasers, t-shirt collars/sleeves and other unsafe objects. Therefore, we recommend the most durable (yet not indestructible) designs:


ninja_babies-star-icon The thicker the bead is the more durable it is. Hence, the more aggressive your chewing is, be sure to choose a thicker beaded necklace.

ninja_babies-star-icon Choose the design and bead thickness depending on how you intend to use the design. For example, what level of chewing are you going to do, run the beads/pendant through your teeth, fidget with the beads/pendant or suck on the beads/pendant.

Do you have chew necklaces for boys and men?2018-07-17T19:07:27+10:00

Absolutely! We have HEAPS of designs and colours that are suitable chew necklaces for boys and men! Our designs are unisex!

ninja_babies-star-iconWe have a massive range of chew necklaces for boys and men. Our products have been specifically chosen and/ or designed to cater for boys and men. We recognise that boys and men also want to wear some funky jewellery simply for fun or to help with their special needs, sensory stimulation, stress reduction etc.

ninja_babies-star-iconMany older men and Dads place orders as they too want to have a funky and “cool” looking chew necklace or chew pendant etc.

Chewable Jewellery

Who can use Ninja Babies sensory jewellery?2018-07-17T19:07:59+10:00

Nearly Everyone!

ninja_babies-star-icon Ninja Babies jewellery designs are unisex. Many can be used from infants through to adults for a range of uses. (check individual products)

ninja_babies-star-icon Ninja Babies originally set out to help teething babies soothe their tender gums with a range of hand held silicone Ninja Chews and Bravery Bangles. However, women of all ages (with and without children) quickly realised our jewellery is also great for something nice and bright to wear. So, we continue to expand our range to include more funky designs and colours that would appeal to boys/men, tweens and teens.

ninja_babies-star-icon Our designs are also fantastic to match with your swimwear to wear to the pool or beach!

ninja_babies-star-icon Office workers love the Bravery Bangles as they don’t clang on desks!

ninja_babies-star-icon Educators love the child-friendly aspect of the jewellery as well as bringing a pop of colour to their outfit.

ninja_babies-star-icon Many customers are living with disability and/or special needs use the Ninja Babies chewable jewellery in many different ways.

ninja_babies-star-icon Ninjas of all ages are using the Bravery Bangles as stress relievers – either chewing or squeezing them.

ninja_babies-star-icon We have also had many customers purchase designs to help them quit smoking!

Do you have to chew Ninja Babies jewellery?2018-07-17T19:08:30+10:00


ninja_babies-star-icon Ninja Babies jewellery is stylish, bright and are perfect for both males and females of all ages and abilities, educators, childcare workers, office workers – anyone really.

ninja_babies-star-icon You can simply wear this jewellery as fashionable, graceful and clever solution to accessorise your outfit or for a pop of colour.

ninja_babies-star-icon Wear whilst playing sport or swimming (they are soft, safe, waterproof and odourless).

Do you have special needs resources?2018-07-17T19:09:03+10:00

All our products can be used as special needs resources in many different ways!

ninja_babies-star-icon Ninja Babies chewable silicone jewellery are great special needs resources. They can assist and are desired by people of all ages living with special needs, particularly those who have Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Asperger’s Syndrome (AS), Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) and also Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD). In addition, they can also increase concentration and decrease fidgeting, anxiety, stress, built up energy and nail biting to name a few.

ninja_babies-star-icon They can help to help fill the sensory tanks of those with oral sensory needs or sensory processing issues.

ninja_babies-star-icon A fun and socially appropriate alternative for ninjas who crave oral stimulation and heavy mouth work i.e. chewing on their clothing, hands, fingernails, pencils or other unsafe objects.

ninja_babies-star-icon A great stylish and sensory tool for self-regulation allowing and redirecting ninjas to calm and focus.

ninja_babies-star-icon Parents, educators and therapists love them because when your oral sensory tank is full, you are better able to concentrate and participate.

ninja_babies-star-icon Many ninjas find chewing or squeezing soothing, calming, stress reducing and also help regain balance when overstimulated.

ninja_babies-star-icon To help children who bite out of frustration learn what they can and can’t sink their fangs into.

ninja_babies-star-icon The are super for practicing biting or chewing skills and also strengthening jaw muscles or stability.

ninja_babies-star-icon Safe textured surfaces to choose from for varied sensory experiences.

ninja_babies-star-icon The pieces in our range have been specifically chosen to be discrete, affordable and easily accessible for those wearing them.

ninja_babies-star-icon These bright and non-toxic Ninja Chews are used for play therapy and imaginative exercises.

ninja_babies-star-iconDue to the vast range of needs and diversity of users, these products may not be suitable for all children/adults.


Is Ninja Babies Australian owned?2018-07-17T19:10:03+10:00

Absolutely Australian owned!

ninja_babies-star-icon Ninja Babies Pty Ltd is proudly 100% Australian owned #TrueBlueAussie!

ninja_babies-star-icon The founder, Kate O’Shea, her husband and their three young ninjas are #FairDinkum all born and bred in Queensland, Australia.

ninja_babies-star-icon The Ninja Babies Headquarters is currently on the Sunshine Coast in South East Queensland, Australia. Our HQ is a great base to design, create and appraise our soul-soothing products.

How do I clean my Ninja Babies Jewellery?2018-07-17T19:10:36+10:00

Cleaning your Ninja Babies jewellery is too easy!

ninja_babies-star-icon Cleaning your jewellery is easy! Just wash with warm soapy water, rinse with clean water and then air dry.

What is Ninja Babies jewellery made from?2018-07-17T19:11:08+10:00

Our products are made from soft-feel silicone rubber.

ninja_babies-star-icon Made from a non-porous surface, our products are heat resistant and will not support the growth of mould or bacteria.

ninja_babies-star-icon Unfortunately there are no silicone factories in Australia, so our beads and pendants are safely imported from overseas.

ninja_babies-star-icon We source our products direct from our reputable manufacturer (with no “middle-men”). Hence this is, yet another, reason we are able to keep our prices affordable for our valued customers.

What charities do Ninja Babies support?2018-07-17T19:11:37+10:00

The charities we support are The Daniel Morcoombe Foundation and the Townsville Ronald McDonald House.

Ninja Babies also proudly donates $1.00 from each sale via the website to the Daniel Morcoombe Foundation

Ninja Babies also proudly donates $1.00 from each sale via the website to the Daniel Morcoombe Foundation. The Ninja Babies Headquarters is only a couple of kilometres the Daniel Morcoombe Memorial and also their Head Office – hence it is very close to our hearts.

Ninja Babies and One Voice Allied Therapies proudly donate 10% of Ninja Babies sales through One Voice Allied Therapies to the Townsville Ronald McDonald House!

Ninja Babies and One Voice Allied Therapies proudly donates 10% of sales to Townsville Ronald McDonald House!
Who was the Photographer who took the professional photos used in your website?2018-07-17T19:12:05+10:00

You are loving the work of our photographer Sarah from Sarah Jay Images!

ninja_babies-star-icon A MASSIVE shout out to Sarah Jay Images who proudly shot most of the gorgeous website photos! Sarah is a magical photographer based in Townsville, Queensland. We have always been super lucky to have her work with us and our hoard of crazy kids!

ninja_babies-star-iconWe are so happy with the superb quality of Sarah’s work and dedication… and the parents & children featured in them are stoked also!

ninja_babies-star-icon Ninja Babies totally recommends Sarah Jay images to everyone wanting product photos and also wedding photography, engagements, family, babies… basically every type of photo!

Call Sarah today on 0422 948 481 OR Facebook and also Website! Tell her Ninja Babies sent you x

How do I adjust the cord length?2018-07-17T19:18:15+10:00

adjust the cord length, strong and durable, sensory resources, chewable necklaces for boys and girls. Ninja Babies

It’s super easy to adjust the cord length!

You can adjust the cord length to suit your individual needs in a few simply steps:

  1. Push the cord through the smaller end of the clasp.
  2. Measure to where you want to adjust the length to.
  3. Tie a new know in your cord. Check the clasp will not pull over your knot and the knot is secure.
  4. Carefully cut off the excess cord with scissors and pull the knot into the middle of the clasp.
  5. Your necklace will clip back together and voila! It’s ready to go!

Your necklace cord could also be attached to one of our bangles or hand-held chewies. This is a great way to have them readily available for use – easy access is always helpful!


Where can I collect my order from?2018-07-17T19:20:48+10:00

You can collect Ninja Babies products from four easy locations.

ninja_babies-star-icon Ninja Babies Headquarters

Collect from Burnside, Sunshine Coast, QLD, Australia.

Please contact us for the exact address details and a suitable appointment time.

ninja_babies-star-icon One Voice Allied Therapies

70 Thuringowa Dr, Kirwan, QLD, Australia – 07 4773 9093.

Please contact Meghan Walsh for a suitable appointment time. Most stock is generally available from this handy location.

ninja_babies-star-icon Cootharinga NQ

20 Keane St, Currajong, QLD, Australia – 07 4759 2060.

Please contact Michelle Cakilac for a suitable appointment time. Most stock is generally available from this handy location.

ninja_babies-star-icon Ninja Babies Market Stall

Kate also regularly has funky and bright market stalls at various markets around the Sunshine Coast. Please contact us for the latest market locations and time.

Are the necklace cords safe to wear?2018-07-17T19:18:44+10:00

Are the necklace cords safe for customers within Australia and New Zealand:

ninja_babies-star-icon  The current ACCC mandatory safety standards in relation to necklace cords…

ninja_babies-star-icon Are they safe for 3 years of age and over = YES!

ninja_babies-star-icon Are they safe for under 36 months old = NO!

ninja_babies-star-icon Every one of our Ninja Chews, Ninja Necklaces and Powerful Pendants have an approximately 65cm long necklace cord with a safe silicone breakaway clasp. If too much pressure is applied, the clasp will open, preventing pulling and breakage.

ninja_babies-star-icon Each silicone bead, pendant or hand-held Ninja Chew is soft and rounded to prevent sharp edges damaging the skin.

Ninja Babies understands the necessity of safety, hence:

ninja_babies-star-icon SUPERVISION by a responsible adult is always required for all children using and wearing the Ninja Jewellery.

ninja_babies-star-icon Ninja Babies jewellery should NOT be used as an unsupervised teething aid. It should also NOT be given to children for use as a toy for independent play or be worn unsupervised.

ninja_babies-star-icon The necklace cord could be a STRANGULATION RISK. It should NOT be worn while asleep or when a child of any age is unsupervised.

ninja_babies-star-icon The break-away clasp on the necklace cord contains small parts and may be a CHOKING HAZARD. It is not designed to be chewed and damage may also occur ~ DO NOT CHEW ON IT!

ninja_babies-star-icon Always inspect and monitor the Ninja Babies jewellery before use/wear and cease use if any damage or irregularity is evident.

Are the necklace cords safe for customers outside Australia and New Zealand:

ninja_babies-star-icon The necklace cords comply with various safety standards around the rest of the world.

Shop Now! Some super popular designs WITHOUT necklace cords…

    Shop Now! Some super popular designs WITH necklace cords…

    Can a child chew through Ninja Babies Jewellery?2018-07-17T19:21:56+10:00


    ninja_babies-star-icon While the beads/ pendants are strong and durable – they are not indestructible. Children with fully developed teeth or aggressive biters may be able to damage Ninja Babies jewellery, therefore use at your own discretion and adult supervision is always advised.

    ninja_babies-star-icon The thicker the bead, pendant, Bravery Bangle or Ninja Chew is, the more durable it is. Hence, the more aggressive your chewing is, be sure to choose a thicker option. Please note: The cube and pumpkin beaded Ninja Necklaces, Snazzy Snail, Peace Sign and Courageous Car Ninja Chews, Joyful Dreams Bravery Bangle and Punky Pineapple Powerful Pendant designs would be the most durable.

    ninja_babies-star-icon Choose the design and thickness depending on how you intend to use the design. For example, are you going to chew mildly to moderately, run the design through your teeth, fidget with or suck on the design.

    ninja_babies-star-icon Always inspect and monitor the jewellery before use/wear and cease use if any damage or irregularity is evident. The time frame in which this occurs will be faster with more aggressive chewers.  Generally, please discard the jewellery after six months of use, if not before.

    ninja_babies-star-icon Due to the vast range of needs and diversity of users, these products may not be suitable for all children/adults.

    What does the ACCC say about “Teething Jewellery”?2018-07-17T19:22:36+10:00
    Published on the ACCC website: 22 Sep 2015

    A Teething Necklace is primarily designed to be worn as jewellery. Teething necklaces also provide an additional function as a teether for babies. They are generally made of silicone or other chewable material beads. They are also strung together to be worn by mum and/or advertised as suitable for babies to chew on. Teething necklaces may be found on-line, in shops or at weekend markets.


    Choking or strangulation:

    Teething necklaces pose a serious choking hazard or strangulation risk to babies and toddlers.

    The ACCC is concerned that an unsupervised child could be exposed to particular risks or hazards.

    Action of unsupervised childACCC concern
    Wearing a teething necklaceRisk of strangulation
    Mouthing a teething necklace with a flexible threadNecklaces made with small beads could be a choking hazard
    Plays with the necklace and the thread breaksIndividual beads could be a choking hazard

    Teething necklaces are usually colourful and playful in design, and in turn, may be confused with toys.

    Marketing of a necklace as in any way suitable for a child to play with could also lead to the foreseeable misuse of the product.

    This may result in choking or strangulation, despite labelling advice attached to a teething necklace warning of associated risks.


    The ACCC issued this warning after marketplace testing of various products.

    Our results showed that some teething necklaces would fail the mandatory requirements for teethers.

    Suppliers and legal advice:

    Necklaces manufactured from silicone or other chewable materials, particularly when marketed as teething necklaces, are likely to be covered by the mandatory standard.

    Teething necklaces are not likely to meet the requirements of a teether as stipulated in Australian Standard AS/NZS ISO 8124.1:2002 – unless made with larger components or with a more rigid wire thread.

    The ACCC recommends that suppliers seek their own legal advice in relation to the application of the mandatory standard as to the marketing, presentation and supply of teething necklace products.”

    Copied from https://www.productsafety.gov.au/news/teething-necklace-safety-avoid-strangulation-or-choking

    Why don’t we refer to our jewellery as “teething necklaces”?2018-07-17T19:23:28+10:00

    Chewable Jewellery

    Teething Necklaces for Customers within Australia and New Zealand:

    The ACCC changed and reclassified all teething necklaces and teething jewellery as TEETHING TOYS. We need to comply with mandatory safety standards within Australia and New Zealand. Hence, we do not refer to our necklaces, pencil toppers or pendants as “teething” products.

    We are very serious about safety and always use high quality materials for our customers all over the world. However, due to these changes, I simply cannot endorse my collections and/ or designs as “teething toys”, “teething aids” or “chewable” for children under 36 months of age who live in Australia or New Zealand.

    I will simply refer to them as “Mummy Jewellery”, “Nursing Jewellery” or “Silicone Jewellery” and also for those who are over 3 years of age.

    Please remember the designs with a necklace cord and/or small beads are only allowed to be worn and used by those who are over 3 years of age.

    These standards are the same for ALL businesses within Australia and New Zealand. Most of the businesses still marketing their jewellery as suitable for “teething” SHOULD NOT BE! If you see a business advertising their silicone jewellery as such, please refer them for more info and support to our Facebook group: Teething Toy and Silicone Jewellery Safety for Australian Business Owners. You can also choose to report the business and their unsafe product to the ACCC.

    Teething Necklaces for Customers outside Australia and New Zealand:

    We have many, many happy customers outside Australia and New Zealand. Rest assured our designs comply with safety standards around the rest of the world. Hence, we can refer to them as “teething necklaces” etc for customers around the rest of the world. Customers are welcome to purchase them for such use when purchasing them from overseas. #HappyShopping!

    Do all the Ninja Babies designs comply with National Safety Standards?2018-07-17T19:38:30+10:00

    Yes – depending on which country you are living.

    ninja_babies-star-icon In Australia and New Zealand, the handheld Ninja Chew designs as well as the Merriest Mist, Atomic Peace and Joyful Dreams comply with AS/NZS ISO 8124.

    ninja_babies-star-icon In Europe all designs comply with EN14372, EN71, EN12586, EN14350, LFGB, MSDS.

    ninja_babies-star-icon In USA all designs comply with US EPA, ASTM F963, CPSC 16 CFR, CPSIA, FDA, US California Proposition 65.

    ninja_babies-star-icon In Canada all designs with CCPSA.

    Are there any safety warnings with Ninja Babies Jewellery?2018-07-17T19:39:08+10:00

    Yes there are safety warnings associated with our products.

    Ninja Babies understands the necessity of safety, hence these safety warnings and recommendations for use:

    ninja_babies-star-icon WARNING! Our products are NOT TOYS and should NOT be used by children under 3 years old.

    ninja_babies-star-icon Many of the our necklaces, pendants and Ninja Chews are carefully hand-crafted with each bead/pendant knotted in place on the strand one by one, so that if a breakage were to occur only one bead would come off the necklace.

    ninja_babies-star-icon SUPERVISION by a responsible adult is always required for all children over 3 years old using Ninja Babies Jewellery.

    ninja_babies-star-icon Ninja Babies Jewellery should NOT be used as a teething aid and should NOT be given to infants/ toddlers/ children for use as a toy for independent play or to wear unsupervised.

    ninja_babies-star-icon While the Ninja Babies Jewellery pieces are strong and durable – they are not indestructible. Children with fully developed teeth or aggressive biters may be able to damage the Jewellery, therefore use at your own discretion and adult supervision is always advised.

    ninja_babies-star-icon The necklace cord could be a STRANGULATION RISK and should NOT be worn while the adult or child are asleep.

    ninja_babies-star-icon The break-away clasp on the necklace cord contains small parts and may be a CHOKING HAZARD. It is not designed to be chewed and damage may occur ~ Do NOT chew it.

    ninja_babies-star-icon Always inspect and monitor the Ninja Babies Jewellery before use/wear and cease use if any damage or irregularity is evident. The time frame in which this occurs will be faster with more aggressive chewers.  Generally, please discard the Ninja Babies Jewellery after six (6) months of use, if not before.

    ninja_babies-star-icon Due to the vast range of needs and diversity of users, these products may not be suitable for all children/adults.

    Will you change your prices?2018-07-17T19:39:56+10:00

    At times, yes, they can vary.

    ninja_babies-star-icon The prices of Ninja Babies products are indicated in AUD dollars. Depending on the value of the Australian Dollar, our prices may increase or decrease slightly.

    ninja_babies-star-iconOther factors that may come into play are: the price of postage, GST, import taxes etc.

    ninja_babies-star-icon Hence, we reserve the right to modify the price of products offered at any time without prior notice to the customer. The customer will be charged the prices displayed on the website at the time the order was confirmed.

    What’s involved with the Shipping and Handling of my order?2018-07-17T19:40:36+10:00

    Shipping and Handling varies!


    ninja_babies-star-icon  Orders under $120.00 (and within Australia) attract just a $6.00 Postage Flat Fee! The postage fee includes the actual cost of the shipping & also the packaging (satchel, box and tape etc).

    ninja_babies-star-icon  FREE postage for orders within Australia of $120.00 or over! The more you order – the cheaper it is!

    Time Frames:

    ninja_babies-star-icon  Estimated delivery time is 3 to 10 business days for orders within Australia. If your order is urgent, please let us know & we will endeavour to dispatch it sooner.

    ninja_babies-star-icon  Your order is generally posted within 72hrs of receiving payment. However, we cannot be held accountable for unexpected delays in delivery or lost packages caused by Australia Post.

    ninja_babies-star-icon  For International Orders, please see the shipping calculator when placing your order 🙂 International orders will be delivered via Air Mail and will take approximately 3 to 21 business days to arrive.

    How can I safely pay for my order?2018-07-17T19:41:24+10:00

    5 easy ways!

    ninja_babies-star-icon PayPal using your PayPal account.

    ninja_babies-star-icon PayPal without an account and simply use your credit card details.

    ninja_babies-star-icon Afterpay using your Afterpay account – 4 interest-free fortnightly payments! Shop now! Get it now! Pay later!

    ninja_babies-star-icon Direct Deposit into the secure Ninja Babies bank account.

    ninja_babies-star-icon Cash payment if you are collecting your order from one of our 4 locations.

    Can I pay using PayPal without a PayPal account?2018-07-17T19:41:56+10:00

    Yes! You sure can pay with PayPal without having a PayPal account! #MakingItEasy

    ninja_babies-star-icon You DO NOT need a PayPal account in order to make payments through Paypal. Although, we strongly recommend you sign up to PayPal to enjoy the added ease of use.

    ninja_babies-star-icon Without a PayPal account, all you need is a Debit/Credit card that is supported by Paypal. Too easy!

    ninja_babies-star-icon By using PayPal, we can process & deliver your orders to you in a shorter time. Paypal is the easiest & most secure way to make payment online.

    ninja_babies-star-icon You can sign up to PayPal for FREE Here!

    How do I make payments using Paypal? How does it work?2018-07-17T19:42:30+10:00

    It’s fast, easy & secure.

    ninja_babies-star-icon Paypal is the easiest way to make payments online.

    ninja_babies-star-icon While checking out your order, you will be redirected to the Paypal website.

    ninja_babies-star-icon Be sure to fill in correct details for fast & hassle-free payment processing.

    ninja_babies-star-icon After a successful Paypal payment, a payment advice will be automatically generated to the Ninja Babies PayPal system for your order.


    Is my online PayPal payment secure?2018-07-17T19:43:27+10:00


    ninja_babies-star-icon The PayPal site is highly secure. PayPal automatically encrypts your confidential information in transit from your computer to ours using the Secure Sockets Layer protocol (SSL) with an encryption key length of 128-bits (the highest level commercially available).

    ninja_babies-star-icon Before you even register or log in to the PayPal site, our server checks that you’re using an approved browser – one that uses SSL 3.0 or higher. Once your information reaches the PayPal site, it resides on a server that is heavily guarded both physically and electronically. PayPal servers sit behind an electronic firewall and are not directly connected to the internet, so your private information is available only to authorized computers.

    Are baby dummy chains safe?2018-07-17T19:44:24+10:00

    This ban applies to dummy chains with crystals, beads or other similar ornaments that fail to meet minimum safety requirements detailed in the permanent ban notice.

    About the ban

    This ban applies to dummy chains with crystals, beads or other similar ornaments (also known as ‘bling’) that fail to meet minimum safety requirements detailed in the permanent ban notice. These relate to the length of the chain, impact resistance, tensile strength as well as the durability of the garment fastener.

    Baby dummy chains include:

    • pins
    • ribbons
    • strings
    • cords
    • chains
    • twines
    • leathers
    • yarns
    • any other similar article which is designed to be attached to baby dummies.


    If the ornaments detach from the dummy chain they may become a choking, inhalation or ingestion hazard, creating a risk of death, illness or injury to the baby.

    Children under the age of three often place objects in their mouths and do not have a sufficiently well developed cough reflex to clear throat obstructions and are therefore more prone to choking on small objects. Objects inhaled into the lungs can be very difficult for medical personnel to locate and remove, while ingested objects can cause serious internal damage to children.

    Complying with the ban

    Consumer Protection Notice No. 34 of 2011(link is external) sets out the requirements of this ban.

    Does this apply to your business?

    Under the Australian Consumer Law supply includes:

    • in relation to goods – (including re-supply) by way of sale, exchange, lease, hire or hire-purchase
    • in relation to services – provide, grant or confer.

    This ban applies to anyone in the business of supplying this product, including:

    • manufacturers
    • importers
    • distributors
    • retailers
    • hirers.


    Failure to supply compliant products can result in the ACCC taking action, culminating in:

    • infringement notices of $10 200 for companies and $2040 for individuals
    • court enforceable undertakings
    • disqualification from being a company director
    • court action with penalties up to $1.1m for companies or $220 000 for individuals
    • recall of product.

    See: Penalties & consequences.

    Copied from https://www.productsafety.gov.au/bans/baby-dummy-chains-with-unsafe-decorations

    What are your direct deposit payment bank details?2018-07-17T19:04:36+10:00

    The bank details to make a direct deposit payment are:


    Kate O’Shea

    BSB: 064-823

    A/C: 10957881

    Ref: your order number

    Have a super day!