9 07, 2018

Are there different levels of chewing?



Children and adults with and without sensory issues often feel compelled to chew. Generally, the levels of chewing are described as light, moderate or aggressive.

Light chewers or oral sensory seekers leave some tooth marks on those types of objects when chewing or put objects in their mouths without necessarily biting down on them. Therefore, we […]

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9 07, 2018

Do you have special needs resources?


All our products can be used as special needs resources in many different ways!

ninja_babies-star-icon Ninja Babies chewable silicone jewellery are great special needs resources. They can assist and are desired by people of all ages living with special needs, particularly those who have Autism Spectrum Disorder […]

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8 07, 2018

Can a child chew through Ninja Babies Jewellery?



ninja_babies-star-icon While the beads/ pendants are strong and durable – they are not indestructible. Children with fully developed teeth or aggressive biters may be able to damage Ninja Babies jewellery, therefore use at your own discretion and adult supervision is always advised.

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8 07, 2018

What does the ACCC say about “Teething Jewellery”?

Published on the ACCC website: 22 Sep 2015

A Teething Necklace is primarily designed to be worn as jewellery. Teething necklaces also […]

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8 07, 2018

Why don’t we refer to our jewellery as “teething necklaces”?


Chewable Jewellery

Teething Necklaces for Customers within Australia and New Zealand:

The ACCC changed and reclassified all teething necklaces and teething jewellery as TEETHING TOYS. We need to comply with mandatory safety standards within Australia and New Zealand. Hence, we do not refer to our […]

Why don’t we refer to our jewellery as “teething necklaces”?2018-07-17T19:23:28+10:00