9 07, 2018

Who can use Ninja Babies sensory jewellery?


Nearly Everyone!

ninja_babies-star-icon Ninja Babies jewellery designs are unisex. Many can be used from infants through to adults for a range of uses. (check individual products)

ninja_babies-star-icon Ninja Babies originally set out to help teething babies soothe their tender […]

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9 07, 2018

Do you have to chew Ninja Babies jewellery?



ninja_babies-star-icon Ninja Babies jewellery is stylish, bright and are perfect for both males and females of all ages and abilities, educators, childcare workers, office workers – anyone really.

ninja_babies-star-icon You can simply […]

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9 07, 2018

Is Ninja Babies Australian owned?


Absolutely Australian owned!

ninja_babies-star-icon Ninja Babies Pty Ltd is proudly 100% Australian owned #TrueBlueAussie!

ninja_babies-star-icon The founder, Kate O’Shea, her husband and their three young ninjas are #FairDinkum all born and bred in Queensland, Australia.

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8 07, 2018

Are there any safety warnings with Ninja Babies Jewellery?


Yes there are safety warnings associated with our products.

Ninja Babies understands the necessity of safety, hence these safety warnings and recommendations for use:

ninja_babies-star-icon WARNING! Our products are NOT TOYS and should NOT be used by children under 3 years old.

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7 07, 2018

Will you change your prices?


At times, yes, they can vary.

ninja_babies-star-icon The prices of Ninja Babies products are indicated in AUD dollars. Depending on the value of the Australian Dollar, our prices may increase or decrease slightly.

ninja_babies-star-iconOther factors that may come […]

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