Kochie’s Business Builders article

To celebrate Queensland Small Business Week during 15 to 20 May 2017, Kochie’s Business Builders featured 11 fantastic Queensland small businesses. The businesses ranged from a childcare centres through to a honey farm and even a local company producing chewable jewellery!

That “local company producing chewable jewellery” was US – NINJA BABIES!  Can you believe it!?!

We were featured in an article on their website, Facebook, Instagram and also in their newsletter sent out to tens of thousands of people.

To be totally honest, we totally did a happy dance when we found out ha ha Feeling so honored! Love ya Kochie!

Check out Ninja Babies featured at number 10 in Kochie’s Business Builders article here!

Kochies Business Builders 11 fantastic small businesses

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