One Piece At A Time review: our experience with sensory jewellery.

This a piece from Lara Vatta’s heartfelt blog about her life as a single mother, One Piece At A Time. 

I am going to rewind back to a couple years ago, when I was at my wits ended trying to work out why my daughter was constantly chewing on her clothes to the point where they would end up wet and destroyed from her constant chewing.

Some people with autism need to chew it is a sensory need that they just need to fulfil, but as a Mum I was starting to get a bit worried. Clothes and school uniforms aren’t cheap and they were getting chewed through pretty quickly.

My daughters teacher at the time suggested chewable jewellery, I had tried some in the past but she was never really interested, I thought why not. Her teacher suggested to incorporate my daughters love of the rainbow colours into the chewable jewellery, in the hope that she would actually start using them.

I jumped onto my phone and entered “chewable jewellery” into google so many different online businesses came up but there was one business that caught my eye. The business was called ‘Ninja Babies’ initially the name got me interested, once I had a look I had definitely found some bright, colourful and safe products to try for my daughter. So I picked out a few different designs and hoped for the best.

I am now fast forwarding to the present, my daughter no longer chews on her clothes and completely loves wearing sensory jewellery. I will be honest, the transition wasn’t as easy as 123, but over time encouraging her to chew on them, instead of her clothes and finding bright and colourful sensory jewellery, is what has worked.

Chewable jewellery can also help reduce stress & anxiety, built up energy and fidgeting, it can also help with concentration in the classroom. Sensory jewellery is made from safe, non toxic silicone that kids & adults can chew on. They are not indestructible and it also depends, whether you have a light or aggressive chewer on your hands. In my case my daughter is an aggressive chewer on average she goes through a necklace a week, but the improvement I have seen in her since using the jewellery is so worth it.

If you have a child who is constantly chewing on their clothes, biting their nails or on any other unsafe items please think about trying chewable jewellery. It might just work!!

Checkout Ninja Babies too you won’t be disappointed!

Lara x