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Our Customers

Our customers use Ninja Babies products to assist with:

ninja_babies-star-icon Sensory Processing Issues

ninja_babies-star-icon Asperger’s Syndrome

ninja_babies-star-icon Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

ninja_babies-star-icon Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

ninja_babies-star-icon Oral Sensory Needs

ninja_babies-star-icon Fill Your Sensory Tank

ninja_babies-star-icon Stress & Anxiety

ninja_babies-star-icon Fidgeting

ninja_babies-star-icon Chewing T-Shirt Collars/Sleeves

ninja_babies-star-icon Chewing Pens, Pencils, Unsafe Objects

ninja_babies-star-icon Fingernail Biting

ninja_babies-star-icon Thumb Sucking

ninja_babies-star-icon Built-Up Energy

ninja_babies-star-icon Studying Students (Prep to University)

ninja_babies-star-icon Quit Smoking and more

People of all abilities can find chewing soothing, calming, stress reducing and helps people to regain balance when overstimulated.

Parents have also bought our products as a means to help children who bite out of frustration learn what they can and can’t sink their fangs into.

Ninja Babies designer chewable jewellery is discreet, affordable and readily accessible to use for those wearing them.