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Our Story

A bright and funky Ninja Babies Market Stall will allow you to find happiness while you're there and leave feeling happy.

Ninja Babies Market Stall

Our story starts with Ninja Babies originally setting out to safely help teething babies soothe their tender gums by chewing and sucking on our silicone rubber Bravery Bangles and Ninja Chews.  Teething babies are safe to use our chewable Bangles and Ninja Chews to massage their gums, nurture healthy tooth eruption and provide pain relief!

Being stylish for those who are fashion conscious was also a must! Our whole range of chewable jewellery definitely adds a stylish pop of colour to any outfit or uniform.

We soon discovered that our unisex products also were educational aides providing age and socially appropriate, healthy alternatives to assist people of 3 years old and over to self-regulate, concentrate and participate.

Our products allow and redirect people to chew on discreet, unobtrusive and durable jewellery rather than chewing on their fingernails, shirt collars/sleeves, hair, pillow slips or other unsafe objects.

In late 2015 and early 2016, Ninja Babies was successful in gaining Round 1 and Round 2 of a Qld Government Home-Based Business Grant.

By 2016, Ninja Babies was approached by Source Kids Magazine to be a part of their magazine. Source Kids specialises in special needs resources, stories etc.

In early 2017, Ninja Babies was handpicked to be a part of the Business Queensland’s (Office of Small Business’) Podcast Series – one of only fifteen small businesses in Queensland chosen!

Currently, Ninja Babies is specialising in Designer Chewable Jewellery, Sensory Resources and Educational Tools.  Fashionable Stress Reduction and Sensory Stimulation alternatives are offered through over 50 stylish unisex designs and vibrant colours.

Customers can now shop by level of chewing (light, moderate or aggressive), colour and more on our on-line store that offers world-wide postage.

Ninja Babies continues to expand a designer range that appeals to boys, girls, men, women, tweens and teens.  We will also be focusing on increasing the number of pieces designed at the Ninja Babies Headquarters.

Ninja Babies has a list of Distributors around Australia including Speech Pathologists and businesses with a sensory focus.

We now proudly present to you our latest Ninja Babies range of designer silicone products.