Chewy Bangle

Designer Sensory and Chewy Bangles.

Perfect solutions for Fashion, Nursing, Stress/Anxiety Reduction and Sensory Stimulation!

ninja_babies-star-icon Silicone chewy bangles that are age and socially appropriate to fill your sensory tank!

ninja_babies-star-icon  A unisex “educational aid” for extra stimulation in class!

ninja_babies-star-icon Resources to better enable people to self-regulate. Hence, they will be more likely to participate and also concentrate.

ninja_babies-star-icon They can be worn discreetly under uniforms and/ or in pockets while not in use!

ninja_babies-star-icon Ideal for people living with sensory processing issues, Asperger’s Syndrome and also Autism (ASD).

ninja_babies-star-icon Jewellery to help reduce stress, anxiety, built-up energy and fidgeting.

ninja_babies-star-icon A healthy alternative to chewing on T-shirt collars and sleeves, pens, pencils, hair or other unsafe objects. While also helping to reduce fingernail biting and thumb sucking.

ninja_babies-star-icon Referred to as nursing bangles, sensory resources, chew bangles and oral sensory resources. Proudly, and additionally, referred to as Autism resources, special needs resources, sensory stimulator, calming tools and also fidget resources.