Hand-held Chewie

Designer Sensory and Hand-Held Chewies.

Perfect solutions for Fashion, Nursing, Stress/Anxiety Reduction and Sensory Stimulation!

ninja_babies-star-icon Silicone hand-held chewie collection is age and socially appropriate and also fit perfectly in your hand/pocket.

ninja_babies-star-icon Fill your sensory tank or add a pop of colour to your outfit with our unisex sensory resources!

ninja_babies-star-icon “Educational tools” for extra stimulation that better enables people to self-regulate. Hence, they will be more likely to participate and concentrate while in class or at Uni, work, home etc.

ninja_babies-star-icon Have discreetly under uniforms or in pockets while not in use!

ninja_babies-star-icon Ideal for people living with special needs, sensory processing issues, Asperger’s, Autism and/or oral sensory needs.

ninja_babies-star-icon Help reduce stress, anxiety, built-up energy and fidgeting.

ninja_babies-star-icon A healthy alternative to chewing on T-shirt collars/sleeves, pens, pencils, hair or other unsafe objects. Also helps to reduce fingernail biting and thumb sucking.

ninja_babies-star-icon Fashion accessories, nursing bangles, sensory resources, chew bangles, oral sensory resources and also Autism resources.