Black Atomic Peace designer sensory chewable Bravery Bangle.

ninja_babies-star-icon Our unisex Black Atomic Peace bangle is a very popular fashion accessory and aggressive chewers and office workers love them.

ninja_babies-star-icon Features a 6.4cm x 2.2cm x 1cm, round shaped soft bangle.

ninja_babies-star-icon Level of Chewing: Light to Aggressive (durable yet NOT indestructible).

ninja_babies-star-icon Fold in half and chew – the soft rubber will spring back for an extra sensory experience. A great idea for more aggressive chewers.

ninja_babies-star-icon A great fidget to squeeze for stress reduction and anxiety relief.

ninja_babies-star-icon Office workers love our bangles as they are soft, quiet and don’t clang on desks annoying their colleagues!

ninja_babies-star-icon Can be used to increase concentration, participation and also self-regulation.

ninja_babies-star-icon Great to use at home, school, University and also at work.

ninja_babies-star-icon Age and socially appropriate for boys and girls, students and adults.

ninja_babies-star-icon Easy to clean and a unisex sensory resource for ages 3 years and over.

ninja_babies-star-icon Discreet, affordable and readily accessible to use.

ninja_babies-star-icon Made with non-toxic silicone rubber.

ninja_babies-star-icon A stylish sensory tool for self-regulation allowing and redirecting ninjas to calm and focus.

ninja_babies-star-icon Worn as a bangle for a gorgeous pop of colour or can discreetly fit under your clothes/uniform. Pop in your pocket for easy access or use as a fidget!

ninja_babies-star-icon Our Black Atomic Peace bangle can assist with sensory processing issues, Autism (ASD), Asperger’s Syndrome (AS), ADHD, sensory stimulation, oral sensory needs and even fidgeting.

ninja_babies-star-icon Great to use instead of chewing T-shirt collars, pencils, hair and other unsafe objects, fingernail biting and thumb sucking.

ninja_babies-star-icon Ideal necklaces for fashion conscious nursing mothers and/or studying students (Prep to University).


ninja_babies-star-icon “Stims” or “stimming” is short for self-stimulatory behaviours, that is, behaviours most people exhibit. Stimming may be chewing or mouthing objects or twirling your hair with your finger. It could also be jiggling your leg or tapping a pencil while concentrating!

ninja_babies-star-icon Chewing can quite simply feel good or be an extra dose of internal stimulation when your feeling under-stimulated. It can also be a feeling of tranquility if you feel overstimulated. Stimming can also alleviate high levels of internal anxiety/stress.

ninja_babies-star-icon Hence, parents, educators and therapists love our designs because when a child’s sensory tank is full, they are better able to self-regulate, concentrate and participate.

**This product is NOT A TOY and is NOT suitable for children under 3 years of age.**