Safety Information

Ninja Babies understands the necessity of safety, hence:

ninja_babies-star-icon Many of the Ninja Babies chewable products are carefully hand-crafted with each bead/pendant knotted in place on the strand one by one. If a breakage were to occur only one bead would come off the necklace.

ninja_babies-star-icon SUPERVISION by a responsible adult is always required for all infants/toddlers/children using Ninja Babies products.

ninja_babies-star-icon Ninja Babies products should NOT be used as an unsupervised teething aid. They should NOT be given to infants/ toddlers/ children for use as a toy for independent play or to wear unsupervised.

ninja_babies-star-icon While the Ninja Babies products pieces are strong and durable, they are NOT indestructible. Children with fully developed teeth or aggressive biters may be able to damage the products. Therefore use at your own discretion and adult supervision is always advised.

ninja_babies-star-icon The necklace cord could be a STRANGULATION RISK and should NOT be worn while the adult or child are asleep or the child is unsupervised.

ninja_babies-star-icon Ninja Babies products may contain small parts and may be a CHOKING HAZARD.

ninja_babies-star-icon The break-away clasp on the necklace cord contains small parts and may be a CHOKING HAZARD. It is not designed to be chewed and damage may occur. Any chewing of it should be discouraged.

ninja_babies-star-icon Always inspect and monitor Ninja Babies products before use/wear. Cease use if any damage or irregularity is evident. The time frame in which this occurs will be faster with more aggressive chewers.  Generally, discard Ninja Babies products after six (6) months of use, if not before.

ninja_babies-star-icon Due to the vast range of needs and diversity of users, these products may not be suitable for all children/adults.