I am blind, have a severe anxiety disorder, and sensory sensitivity.

This would have to be the BEST CUSTOMER REVIEW EVER! Alexis, thank you for taking the time to email me with this fabulous feedback! You have certainly made my day! x x x

“Hi Katie,

I was both happy and surprised when I received my hand held chewies so quickly. I wanted to give you my personal feedback.

I am in my late 20’s, blind, have a severe anxiety disorder, and sensory sensitivity.

Over the past three years I have used many chewelry pendants from other companies for my chewing needs. But since I can’t see they weren’t very fun to chew or fidget with. However your Ninja Babies pirate ships are nice and tactile so I can have a fidget and a chew toy in one.

Using them as a chew or fidget helps keep me anchored (ha ha) when I am stressed and upset. They also help me during and after I experience a meltdown. I keep them at my bedside in case I wake up in the middle of the night so I can grab them quickly to use. I also have a clip that I use to attach the chewie to my clothing.

To use the Internet, I have a screen reader program for the blind and visually impaired called JAWS. It reads everything on the screen which sometimes includes too much information. So when I made my purchases my Mom helped me online and we listened to the audio description.

I chose the pirate ships because of the texture on both sides. I chose the car and the “Choppa” because I wanted to feel the shapes of these two vehicles and get an idea of what their shapes are in real life.

I give them a 5-Star rating for being so “awesome”, and I am including a photo of me with the chewie clipped to my shirt. Thanks for a really great product. I would love for you to share my feedback on your Facebook page and website.

All the best,