Black Horse Knight chewy pencil topper. Increase your self-regulation, concentration and participation.

Unisex Black Horse Knight chewy pencil toppers are designed to fill your sensory tank!
A 6.8cm x 2.5cm chess piece shaped pencil topper made from soft silicone rubber.
They can be snuggly attached to pencils or pens for easily accessible sensory relief.
Caters to your oral sensory needs, while being super light-weight at just 17 grams.
Stylish and age and socially appropriate designs! Hordes of school age kiddos especially love our designs!
A non-disruptive way of chewing or fidgeting while mentally processing information.
Durable and strong sensory resources, yet they are not indestructible for more aggressive chewers.
They are quiet on desks, so there is no annoying banging or clanging.


Our silicone pencil toppers are popular for people living with sensory processing issues and needs. People with Autism Spectrum Disorder and ADHD love them as they are soft on skin!
Chewing can be soothing, calming and stress-reducing. It can help people to regain balance when they are overstimulated. Hence, you can chew and/or fidget to release built up energy and relieve stress and anxiety.
Our Black Horse Knight pencil toppers are a healthy alternative to sucking or chewing hair, fingernails etc. Use our products instead of chewing on your shirt collars or sleeves, pens and, above all, unsafe objects.
Affordable, easily accessible and practical! Hence, our fastest growing customer base is school students!

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All products are NOT designed for use by children under three (3) years of age (developmentally).
Do not use if any damage or irregularity is present.
Discard after six (6) months of use, if not before.
Due to the vast range of needs and diversity of users, our products may not be suitable for everyone.